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Dress up Dough - by sister Shen

One of our designer's sister knitted a coat for Dough and Dough Plus. Everyone loves it, especially our fluffy staffs. It makes our studio in such a warm atmosphere. Thank you, sister Shen.  If you would like to order this coat from sister Shen for Dough or Dough Plus, please contact us.

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Wat? You burned out the Dough?? - by Soso Studio

Another fantastic experiment was challengingly done by our designers. The charcoal texture is extremely different from natural wood but so amazing.   Contact us now if you would like to buy Charcoal Dough.  Or design your own experiment by having our popular original Dough and Dough Plus today.                               

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Dye Blue Ocean Dough - by Soso Studio

This is a sample experiment from our studio staffs. They are having great fun with every piece in a different pattern.  Contact us if you wish to buy Dye Blue Ocean Dough please notify the pattern will be random. Why don't you make your own Dough! Buy original Dough for just $98

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