Our Story





PIY is an innovative furniture company that calls you to create practical pieces of art for your home. We believe that the key to a well loved and stylish home is to keep interior design fun and creative.

With a collection of minimalist-inspired living room furniture pieces, there are many ways we can help you create your dream living spaces.

We strive to push the boundaries between age-old traditions and modern furniture techniques, and it is humbling that our work has garnered global attention to date. We are proud recipients of the Red Dot Design Awards - a renowned international design competition, which singles out products and projects with outstanding design every year in Germany. Other notable mentions include:

2016 GUOZI won Red Dot Design Award winner 2016, Germany

2016 BAMAGIC won Red Dot Award 2016 winner, Germany

2015 NUDE won Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan

2015 BAMOON won Home Style Award, Germany

2015 BAMOON won Red Dot design Award winner 2015, Germany

2015 BAMOON won Successful Design, China

2014 NUDE won Kapok Design Awards, China

2014 NUDE won Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2014, Germany



Innovative design

PIY is the next generation of flat packaging furniture.

Cleverly designed without any metal components, you won’t need any tools to build your PIY furniture – just a sense of fun! Our designs consist of interlocking wooden pieces and expertly drilled grooves making installation simple.

You won’t need to worry about our timber designs warping over time. Its all-wood construction can withstand varying temperatures and humidity because it will expand and contract in unison, unlike furniture with metal components. This reduces the risk of cracking and damage so that you can enjoy your PIY furniture for longer.

Affordability is important in our design process. Faster production times along the assembly lines mean lower productions costs. And we pass on these savings to you.




Good design can be sustainable and functional. We carefully source our materials from first and second-grade hardwood forests. No color dyes or chemical treatments are used because we maintain our wood in its natural state. We carefully source our solid hardwood from North America, Finland, Germany, and Asia.

One aspect of PIY we take seriously is our 100% recyclable packaging. Our flat packed furniture is delivered to you using eco-friendly and efficient methods, maintaining our vision to contribute towards a cleaner environment.



Customer creativity

Well known for our stylishly placed wooden joints, smart modular features, and minimalist designs, we encourage you to think outside the box and create something that will complement your home and reflect your unique personality.

Have fun and share your designs with us via social media! #mypiy

To date PIY has exhibited at the following industry events:

2017     Salone Satellite 20Years, Milan

2017     Design Shanghai, Shanghai

2016     Shanghai Power Station of Art, Shanghai

2016     100% Design, London

2016     Salone Satellite, Milan

2015     100% Design, London