This is Us

Ajao Shen

Founder & Creative Director of Soso Studio

In 2012, Shen Wenjiao resigned from Ogilvy & Mather where he worked for nearly 20 years. He always wanted a fun and exciting career that he can share his passion and love towards to the wooden art, natural material, and traditional handicrafts. Therefore, he found a studio brand PIY, which means “Play It Yourself”. He transfers the accumulated inspirations from many years of ancient art searching for reality.

"PIY is Play It Yourself,
users are no longer content to be the last workers
to make traditional do-it-yourself types of furniture,
users should have more participation and fun, such flat-packed furniture is for the future."




Ruiqiong Huang


Ruiqiong graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She is a co-designer of Nude Coatrack and Bamoon Lighting Series. She considers design as a gift and delights in finding imaginative solutions to complex problems and moving ideas from good to great.

"Positivity and experimentation are at the very core of my philosophy."





Dawei Zhang


German award winning designer producing at the sweet spot between modernism and sustainability to create not just a product, but a feeling. 

"The idea of being a damn good designer is what wakes me up in the morning."





Xiaocong Li


He collaborates with brands of any size that have passion and purpose. He prides himself on providing the best service and crafting communication materials that bring together rich ideas and intelligent design.

"The studio aspires to stay curious and continually share our curiosities with others."





Mengran Deng


Cat lover, dreamer, seafood eater, snorkeler and full stack designer. She works with carte blanche and aims to create a certain mood whilst keeping things as plain as possible.

"People shouldn’t get disturbed by my work
and I somehow wish I would get paid for taking graphic elements away,
rather than adding them."





Qiyang Liang


He’s an avid admirer of entropy, a visionary without a vision, a deep thinker with superficial thoughts, an optimistic nihilist, and a self-proclaimed philosopher who always runs on the way. He loves complex phrases, intricate patterns, difficult concepts, confusing abstractions, but as a rule of thumb always constructs simple solutions to each problem he encountered.

"I share my life with cats and share my design with everyone. "




Yin Li

Coming from a background of classic graphic design, her work spans from branding and editorial design to art direction and styling.

"For me, design is a way to determine how things function,
not just how they look."





Xiaoning Liang


Xiaoning is a national award winner who loves working with his hands and considers himself a “maker” working with copper and brass for 24 years. He draws inspiration from nature, vintage materials, calligraphy, and the culture of southern China where he lived for decades. 

"Carry on the historical copper hammering technology till the end of my life."






Yongjie Zhang


Between the 1980s and 1990s, Yongjie Liu moved to Japan for advanced bamboo braiding study taught by Master Yagi Hasezawa. He learned the mysterious skills and brought them back to Southern China. For 20 years, he worked as a farmer for a living. In 2014 Yongjie Liu realized the traditional technology of eastern bamboo braiding is disappearing so that he became the maker of Bamoon Series. At the age of 70, he won Design Intelligence Award of China lately in May 2017. 

 "I am looking for an apprentice and I will pass on everything to him/her so the techniques won't be lost. Would you post this for me please?"





Manager / Model

Yes, he is really a cat with the name of a dog. Currently, he serves as the general manager for the all non-human staffs. He is very intelligent. 







PR / Model

He is the public relationship and the model of our studio. You probably have seen him many times in our catalog. He is elegant and friendly. 







Security Officer

Here is our only female of our non-human staff. Our company is eager to fight the gender inequality and gender stereotypes. She is in charge of the security. 







Keyboard Cleaner

He is the most junior member of our studio. Energetic, sometimes too romantic and reckless. He literally cleans everyone's keyboards several times a day.